Advantages Of Being Single

Benefits Of Living A Single Life

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Among people who had been in a relationship for a long period of time, being single can be scary sometimes, but you have no idea the number of benefits and opportunities it comes with. 

Getting into a relationship so fast because you are lonely, or just because you think you’ve met your prince charming, is a big mistake a lot of people do. If you don't know what you want, you're bound to repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Below are some of the reasons why you should be single;

1. You can save lots of time.

Most of the time people spend in a relationship is the spent on a phone. Relationships end when there is no constant communication, those texts and phone calls you exchange with your partner is a major contributor to a loss of several hours in a day. 

Think about the amount of time you are likely to save by cutting this out and investing this time in other things or investing in you. 

2. You can have better sleep.

It’s very appealing and satisfactory to sleep in a cuddling position with your partner, but most people experience some difficulties when sleeping next to another person, especially when the other person snores or when their skins with different temperature touch each other. 

According to Amerisleep, people living a single life sleeps better than even people in happy relationships. If you really need a snuggle buddy, then I recommend to you your pillow. 

3. You can do what you want to do with yourself.

Sustaining a healthy relationship has always been the priority of many partners in a relationship. You may sometimes have no option than to spend some time with your partner just to keep the relationship smooth and going. 

Living a single life will free you from all these and give you the chance to do what pleases you. Nobody in the name of relationship will monitor your movement or who you spend your time with. You will be free to leave home first thing in the morning and be the last person to come home. 

👉 Disadvantages Of Being Single

4. You will have enough time to build and better yourself.

Being single will expose you to a lot of free time for you to develop yourself in all aspects of your life. Take that class you’ve wanted to take, start volunteering, hit the gym and get down to your ideal weight etc. 

With this extra time gained, you can start a new hobby or learn a second language. If you happen to be single with heartbreak, you don’t have to waste all these time brooding on your pains. Get out of your bed and start building a better you that was buried. 

5. You can tighten your friendship or social bonds.

You can stay in touch with friends without being faced with jealousy on the part of your partner. In an attempt to keep a healthy relationship, most people have quit spending more time with their friends which might have led to disappointment on the part of your friends after promising to hang out with them.

Being single is the right time and opportunity for you to rewrite all these disappointments and strengthens your friendship ties.

6. Relief of financial stress.

Being in a relationship is quite expensive. The cost associated with the outings, vacations with your partner and gifts here and there accumulates to a significant amount. All these expenses can be channelled into savings when you become single.

From the headquarters of Debtdotcom, single people are less likely to have credit card debt, coming in at about 21% while 27% of married couples without children and 36% of married couples with children had credit card debt.

The benefits that come from being single are so many but these outlined points should help you in whatever decision you want to make.

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