Benefits Of Not Having Children

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Are you battling with the decision of not having kids? Do you feel guilty whenever you think of it and you don't know what to do? Here are some advantages associated with not having kids that can help you make your decision. 

There are quite a number of people who have decided not to give birth for their own special reasons but most of them are because of their health complications. 

Below are some benefits that are associated with not having children:

1. You will have time for self-care. 

You will get enough disposable time to take care of other things like hobbies, especially when you are into content or article writing, attend piano lessons, take a class or pick up a new sport, watching a football game etc. 

You will have enough time to explore parts of yourself that you never knew existed. Your interests, your talents, your desires, and insights about your life can be explored too. 

2. You get to save money. 

Financially, raising a child is not that easy as you may think. The cost to bear on education alone is too much not forgetting the money that will be spent on food, diapers and hiring nannies. 

All the money you don’t spend on medical bills, child care, birthday parties and other things can be channelled into savings. Giving your kids some kind of luxurious life will rip you off the opportunity to save more money that could be used to take care of other things in the future.

3. Give each other support. 

One secret of most successful relationships is spending quality time with each other. Without having kids, you will have enough time to spend with your partner without any interference from any kids. You will be able to fully focus on your relationship and ensure you’re growing together and not apart.

4. You can get enough quality sleep.

Babies can be so demanding at times, and it runs through from morning, afternoon, evening through to dawn. Until you have a newborn baby you have no idea about sleep deprivation.

The incessant cry associated with new birth is inevitable. You will have to wake up deep in the night to attend to your crying baby. You baby must fall asleep before you can also go to bed. You also have to wake up as soon as your baby wakes up. This seems tedious, right? 

5. Freedom of travelling. 

Child-free parents have the freedom to move from one place to another without thinking or worrying about who they’ve left behind. 

Travelling with your kid(s) is kind of costly and stressful. Aside from being costly and stressful, travelling with kids leaves you no option than to travel to kid-friendly places. The presence of your kid(s) may force you to visit places you have no interest in visiting. 

Before you conclude your decision about not having kids, there are three questions you should ask yourself before you make that decision.

1. Does your partner want children? If your partner is interested in having kids then it will be very difficult for your dream to come through unless you are able to convince him to reach a mutual consensus with you.

2. How does your culture look at issues like this? This will not be taken lightly in some African cultures so check where you are coming from.

3. Do you care so much about what people especially close friends and relatives will say about you? 

4. Are you considering child adoption? That is a good alternative but it does not make you different from those having their own kids. You will go through the same thing as parents with kids are going through.

The advantages of living a child-free life are inexhaustible. There are a lot of these benefits that were not covered in this piece.

I will recommend you read the advantages of having kids too and after that, you weigh both and then make your decision.

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