How To Test Whether You Have Bad Breath Or Not

A person smelling his mouth by cupping his hand to smell the scent that comes out of his mouth

Due to our body’s setup and functionality, testing bad breath by directly smelling the mouth or by cupping your hand to your nose and smelling it may give you a deceptive or inaccurate result.

This is the reason why most people suffering from halitosis are unable to detect that themselves. There are several other methods one can use to test for halitosis.

Below are some ways one can test for bad breath.

Before you start with a test you should take note of these.

When people start to turn away or give you a distance whenever you start talking, you might be suffering from halitosis.

For the test to be effective, these things should check before taking it.

1. Consumption of onions, garlic or any spicy foods should be stopped for at least 48 hours before taking the test.

2. You should avoid tobacco products or drinks 12 hours prior to the test.

3. Do not consume any minty substances or use any breath fresheners within 12 hours before the test commences.

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Now you can begin with your test.

1. Test one.

1.1 Lick your wrist or the back of your palm.

1.2 Give yourself some few minutes for the saliva to dry.

1.3 Then smell it.

After that, you will know whether you truly have bad breath or not.

You can repeat this test for about three or four times to have a concrete result.

2. Test two.

2.1 You will need a small spoon.

2.2 Turn the spoon upside down and place it at the far end of your tongue.

2.3 Gently draw the spoon back letting it scrape your tongue.

2.4 The spoon is going to scrap off some substance from the tongue.

2.5 Smell the substance.

The smell of the substance defines the condition of your mouth.

3. Test three.

A Halimeter test.

A Halimeter is an instrument used to measure the mouth’s volatile Sulfur compounds (VSCs) level. This instrument is used by dentists.

Do yourself a favour by letting your dentist use a Halimeter to check it for you. The Halimeter test is considered the most accurate way to test for bad breath.

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4. Test four.

The cotton test.

This is done by wiping the surface of your tongue with a clean cotton gauze. Smell it and you will know your bad breath condition.

Aside from these tests, you can also test for bad breath by asking for someone else’s opinion. This is the most difficult test but trust me, it is regarded as a reliable way to confirm bad breath. You can do that by asking your close or best friend, a relative, your spouse or your doctor.

By now I hope you know whether you have bad breath or not. If you, unfortunately, found yourself as having bad breath after you conducted the test, then here are some recommendations that may help you combat your Halitosis.

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