Disadvantages Of Being Single

Why You Don't Have To Stay Single.

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Changing your relationship status from dating to single may seem fun to some people especially to those who were in a toxic relationship. There are a lot of things about living a single life that makes it disadvantageous and Davas Book is here to point out some of these disadvantages. 

The points below will elaborate more on how disadvantageous living a single life is.

1. Loneliness 

A person who just ended a relationship may think he/she is okay until loneliness begins to show itself. The loneliness that comes with being lonely can make you do something that you will regret the rest of your life. 

Special days like prom night or Valentine’s day may even ignite the sadness that accompanies loneliness. This is because you don’t have that special person in your life to celebrate such occasion with. 

Your friends or relatives may be around to help counteract the weight of your solitude that is provoked by your single life but that company would not be the same or equivalent to the company you would have gotten from your partner. 

Also, the feeling of loneliness may begin to set in when you are suffering from an ailment and there is no one to treat you like how you use to be treated when you were in a relationship.

2. Financial 

People in a relationship most of the time, share financial responsibilities among themselves in an agreed ration. Being single means you will carry out all your financial obligations alone. 

Ranging from utility bills, rent or accommodation to health insurance cost unlike that of being in a relationship/marriage.

3. Physical Needs 

Living a single life becomes much disadvantageous when it comes to the demand for physical needs. These needs come in a form of sex, being touched, caressed and being loved. People with higher physical needs tend to be miserable in their single life. 

People with higher sex drive, in the quest to satisfy that, may get themselves in various unethical activities which can seriously ruin their life beyond repairs. 

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4. Empty/Unproductive Time 

One of the main advantages of being single is having extra available time to carry out other duties, but frankly speaking, most of this time is spent unproductively. 

For instance, people who ended their relationship heartbroken may resort to drinking to fill these gap. Others may want to fill those spots with partying or outing which may not be productive. 

5. Habitual Issues 

In a relationship, one may involuntarily develop some habits which may be quite difficult to stop after you become single. Habits like cuddling with your partner, goodnight chats, late-night conversations, wake-up messages and others. 

You may miss all these habits when you eventually become single and it is very difficult to come out of such habitual issues. 

You can come up with a lot of points and ideas to prove why being single is advantageous, but as you know, every coin has two sides. 

Thank you for reading this piece. Hoping It will help. Good Luck.

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