Best Vocabulary Learning Applications And Websites

Applications and websites that can help you improve your vocabulary

Have you been looking for applications and websites that can help you boost your vocabulary? Have you been battling with spare time to enrol in a vocabulary enhancement course? Stay calm, Davas Book presents to you with the list of applications that will elevate you from just one or two vocabularies to millions of vocabularies.

These applications are stress-free and also fun to use. It gives you no restriction as to when and where to use it. All you need is a minute of your precious time.

Your smartphone is a powerful tool to assist you to improve your vocabulary so takes advantage of it.

These apps are available in either Android, iOS or Windows versions.

Below are some of the applications with the link that will take you to the platform (Play Store, App Store, Microsoft store and website) to download it.

BUSUU (AndroidiOSMicrosoftWeb)

Busuu makes learning news words very interesting, effective and simple. With the help of your study plan, you are capable of fixing language learning into your daily schedule.

With the help of their Quizbot, Busuu gives you the chance to learn a variety of languages at your comfort zone and also test your understanding of the English, Spanish, French and or German language.

You will be asked questions using a variety of exercise based on your language knowledge. This includes more than 4000 multiple choices, true-or-false and typing questions.

Duolingo (AndroidiOSWindowsWeb)

Duolingo makes it possible for you to practice your reading, speaking, listening and writing skills alongside playing an interesting mobile game. It simply gives you the opportunity to better your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons.

Start your vocabulary improvement journey with basic verbs, phrases, sentences and also learn new words daily.

7 Little Words (AndroidiOSWeb)

7 Little Words makes vocabulary improvement simple and fun by presenting everyday word – including famous people, place names, popular brands, and pop culture references assisted by clever clues.

Interestingly, there’s no time limit or competitive pressure of any kind. All you have to do is unscramble the tiled to find the hidden 7 little words – and receive your “well done” smiley face!

In each puzzle, use the clues to help you click on 20 tiles in the right order to unscramble the 7 hidden words. Don’t forget the hint button is always there to help you. The 7 little Words mobile app comes with 50 free puzzle packs being released continuously! (AndroidiOSWeb)

Cram has a myriad number of flashcard for you to study, memorize and test yourself on. Prepare for your MCAT, learn a foreign language and also practice your multiplication table with the help of cram.

With, you can use their web-based flashcard maker to generate your own flashcards. There is a possibility of studying, exporting and sharing with your classmates or study group once you create your online flashcards.

Collaboration with friends or anyone at any time on Cram is a plus.

Flashcard Deluxe (AndroidiOSWeb)

With Flashcard Deluxe, you don’t need an internet connection before you can use it. It has two study modes that focus more on the card you miss.

It has a searchable listing of the cards that allow you to easily look up other terms as you study, organize decks in folders and combine decks for studying.

It also provides several flashcard colour themes to choose from.

You can easily import more than 10,000 cards and can auto-repeat sound. It supports picture zooming with a number of pictures and sounds.

FluentU (AndroidiOSWeb)

fluentU gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Russian, and Korean with ease.

Isn’t it interesting to learn a particular language with good music videos, nice movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks? FluentU turns fun videos into amazing language learning experiences.

11+ Vocabulary Builder (Android)

11+ Vocab Builder app uses various study techniques to help individuals spice up their vocabulary. This app is designed to covers the topics listed below:
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Anagram Pairs
  • Antonym Pairs
  • Antonyms
  • Combi-Words
  • Spelling Errors
  • Synonym Sets
  • Synonyms
  • Word Out
11+ Vocabulary Builder is stocked with over 350 questions that cover over 2000 words.

A Word A Day Widget (Android)

One of the most important vocabulary improvement techniques is ‘a word a day technique’. Install this application on the home screen of your app and start learning interesting word every day.

This app will feed you with the definition of the word and some example sentences. The widget gives you the ease of access without having to open the app.

The history tab is there to assist you when it comes to referencing.

Letterpress (AndroidiOS, Web)

This is a word game that allows you to play with opponents on Android, iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can easily access your player account across any of these devices simultaneously.

The player with the highest point is crowned winner as players take turns spelling words to capture the board.

On Letterpress you will get the opportunity to compete with friends, play with opponent given to you by the app or contest one of the Bot players.

You can also chat with other players in real-time.

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Lexology (iOS)

In Lexology, you are to type words and collect the necessary letters to complete each level.

In this word game, as you type a word, the last letter of the word will begin the next word you will type. It does not allow reuse of a word you’ve already used.

Lexology is stocked with over 75000 words. It also has randomly selected 10,000 words as part of a bonus game and you’ll only receive a bonus gem when you type one of these words.

You can connect to your Facebook account to play and compete against your friends.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder (AndroidiOSWeb)

Magoosh is a free vocabulary game that has 1200 vocab words with definitions and example sentences for every word.

It has a basic, intermediate and advanced vocabulary sections. and as you beat a level, a harder one is unlocked.

Magoosh gives you free access to GRE, SAT, and TOEFL vocab quizzes.

Memrise (AndroidiOSWeb)

Memrise is a vocabulary improvement app that is founded in 2010.

Memrise is fully packed with audiovisuals of native speakers speaking in their native language. This is meant to help you get your accent right.

Have fun while learning a foreign language like English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Korean, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Turkish and Dutch.

Penny Dell Crossword (Android, iOS, Web)

Penny Dell Crosswords offers you the best of puzzles from Penny Press and Dell Magazines. We will give you three brand new crosswords puzzles every day for free.

With our hints, you will be shown the current letter and the current word in each puzzle.

We give you the opportunity to see your puzzle errors at the touch of a button.

Building your vocabulary is one of the interesting things an individual can experience. Upgrading your knowledge base alongside playing an interesting game is spectacular. Try these applications and choose the one(s) that suit your preference.

Thank you for reading this piece. Leave your comments below and let's get interactive.

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